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About TOBO

Thousand Oaks Badminton Organization (TOBO) consists of players interested in playing indoor badminton. It is a non-profit and membership base organization. Its members help with organizing open badminton, teaching classes, assisting student badminton club, etc.

Thousand Oaks Badminton Organization (TOBO) is mainly composed of local players to play Friendship Games with neighboring badminton groups/clubs. TOBO is open to everyone, but entry to Friendship Games will depend on level and availability.

TO Badminton Organization 

TOBO uses only SCSG gym for badminton at dates and times permitted by CRPD (Please see the Calendar).
TOBO is a member club of USA Badminton and is open to the public with a membership fee of $120/year for adults (18 years or older). Youth under the age of 18 years old pay reduced price, but need to have their respective parents/guardians present at all times while using the gym. If you wish to join, please read the Membership Agreement, USA Badminton Waiver Form, and COVID-19 Informed Consent, Acknowledgement of Risk, and Waiver & Release of Liabilitycarefully. Online registration is required to obtain membership number and card.